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keto diet plan for beginners

Once you begin losing body weight, your near and dear ones start realizing it. The waist will start to thin and the effect of weight loss will be seen on your face. When you have to live like a fat person, you do not know how to answer it in the beginning.

When I lost weight and people started seeing a difference in me, I was very confused. I did not even know what to say and how to react. I was not convinced about myself. I was not even sure that I would uphold my decision to bear this new life. After a few weeks I felt very confident in myself and started reacting that I am on Keto!

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But it is not easy in US , carbohydrates are an important part of our food. So when you sit at the dining table and see your plate free of carbs, you are justified in jerking. How long will you be able to stay this way? Will your body be weak? Will you start eating carbs again after achieving your weight goal?

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I still have to face these questions and when I say that I have stopped eating bread and rice, they look at me with a surprised look and do not believe me. Keto comes with its own unique social stigma that nobody really talks about. When you are at work and offer you a slice of pizza or a fellow employee of your office offering you a slice of cake at your birthday party, you politely refuse to eat it. Some people feel that you are a not-so-funny person. Others curse you for taking some other kind of diet.

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When you’re out with friends and they see you looking closely at the low carb option in the menu (MENU). You feel strange when your eyes look for just a salad or a small portion of peanuts or a cup of coffee without sugar. This shock does not end there. You pretend to be normal, but by adding salad data to your MFP in mind, try to find that you are fine!

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I have seen that Keto is really beneficial for couples (families) and the families who adopt it together. If your intention is really sure, then feel free to take this step as I and many others like me have done. Is raised! Like I said earlier, do not do this for your boyfriend, husband, or family, but for yourself! Nobody wants to appear fat and clumsy. None of us like that someone walks around and makes us feel that we are too fat. I am on Keto for about five months, but sometimes it seems that I will not do it anymore.

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Those were also the days when I used to ask myself, why am I doing this? The world of chocolates, cakes and junk food were inviting me to enjoy them all? Even if I have anything, we have many doctors who are able to treat me. Then I used to see my daughters’ faces when I used to go for a parent teacher meeting. They had to face hatred and embarrassment when other children asked them why your mother is so fat or they gave me the name of fat. I was shocked to see all this as if my heart had broken into millions.

On birthday, my daughter asked me to promise her a slim and fit birthday gift. And the glow I saw in her eyes after losing weight was priceless. I want to be fit so that I can live with them in their special moments. I will do my best to make my daughters look their best on Graduation, wedding, and other special occasions. I also want me to be the best grandmother. My days of embarrassment are almost over. Now I can’t give up. I have to do it for myself, because this is my last try.

I can say with certainty that the Keto lifestyle is easy to follow. It is suitable for people who do not have time to go to the gym or who are simply dead. And it is most beneficial for those who are on the verge of becoming ill due to obesity.

For those people who have just started eating keto and those who are thinking of adopting keto diet, in this post, I have tried to list the ingredients that you can eat on keto. I have tried to include all that is available in US and globally. If you have missed anything in this list, then you can feel free to include it.

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Do’s & Don’ts of Keto Diet

As soon as you decide to go on a Keto diet, many questions arise in your mind. What to eat and what not to eat?

Is it keto or not? Shall i eat it or not?

In the end, millions of websites increase your complications rather than reduce them! I never cared to know about MCT oil or Trans Fat or Collagen or Potassium levels. I did not care, because I was a fat woman living in the world of my own obesity, and was being eaten regardless.

Ever since I went on keto, I started looking for keto friendly food. I look at all the labels carefully and I calculate the carbs before eating. This is not new to me. But actually keto is very easy. Always remember this golden rule of keto:

Keep carbs below 30 grams.

When you choose your food, you look for good quality food and don’t be limited to just checking the carbs. The most common problem in US is that not all parts of the diet are mentioned separately on all products. Honestly, if you ask me about food products that contain labels, I doubt its credibility.

What to eat and what diet to avoid?

Eat meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits rarely. Do not eat processed food and avoid foods that use fake colors. Diet is not just about weight loss, but mainly it is about keeping oneself healthy.

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What can you eat?


All kinds of fish
Sea food

Healthy fats

Pork Fat
Duck Fat
Chicken Fat
Coconut Oil
Ghee, Butter
Good Quality Olive Oil
Fatty oil extracted from fish

Non-starchy vegetables

All types of green leafy vegetables, Spinach
Bok Choy
Water Gourd
Bitter Gourd
Ridged Gourd

Fruits, nuts and seeds


Beverages and spices

a lot of water
Black coffee
coconut milk
Tea, Black or Green (Green)
Sugar free mayonnaise
Soy sauce
Bone Broth
Most herbs
Lemon, lime juice and peel powder (Zest)
Whey protein
Egg white protein
Hormone-free gelatin

Eat it only occasionally?

Vegetables and fruits

Green onion
Snow Peas
Bean Sprouts
Water Chestnuts
Berries of all types

Sources of cereal-eating animals and dairy

Full Fat Plain Yogurt
cottage cheese,
All those products which are low in fat but contain high amounts of sugar.

Nuts and seeds

Pine nuts
Kaddu seeds
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds


Artificial sweeteners like stevia.
Sugar-free ketchup and purees
Cocoa and extra dark chocolate. Only 90% has to be done.
Avoid sugar-free mint peppermint and chewing gums.

Vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds with average carbohydrates

sugar beets
Sweet potato
Figs very few
Chest Nuts


Dry red wine
Sweet free spirits
Red White Wine.
Vodka with water

Completely forbidden

Carbohydrate rich foods.
All kinds of grains
Cereal products, bread, ie pizza and pasta.
Sweet and sweet food.
Gluten, MSG and BPA food intake.
Avoid sugar-free sweets such as (Equal, Sugar free, Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin)
Refined oils and margarine margarine.
Readymade low carb, or zero carb products.
Soda and juice.
Wine, beer, cocktails, wine.
Pineapple, Banana, Mango, Papaya, Orange, Grapes.
All fruit juices.
Dates, raisins.
Avoid products with MSG.

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